3 Ways BigCommerce Can Help You Grow Your Online Furniture Store

Are you seeking an e-commerce platform to launch your online furniture store?  The initial step for kicking off your online selling journey is finding a reliable platform to host your online store. If you visit search engines such as Google, you will definitely get a thousand and one results.

However, not all e-commerce platforms qualify to host an online store that is embarking on expansion and growth journey.  If this statement describes your goal, BigCommerce can be a good bet for you. As one of the leading platforms, BigCommerce offers you ar stunning website and up to date features. But how can this e-commerce platform help you grow your online furniture store? Read on to know.

Enable you to build websites that stand out from the crowd

If you are not aware, your website is the core determiner of your online store growth. The site must be interactive and user-friendly to make sales. BigCommerce realizes the need for customization of a furniture website. Hence, they offer you an array of templates to choose the favorite one.

Notably, if your selection does not match with your needs, you have an option of customizing it. Furthermore, the platform allows you to redesign your websites without any hassles. As such, you have the opportunity of building a website that will stand out from the crowd which is an upper hand in the online market.

Availability of leading selling tools

Cart abandonment is one of the leading headaches in the online arena. The visitors land on your site, select the product they want to put them in the cart but do not complete the transaction. In helping you to solve this problem, BigCommerce offers you tools for sending cart abandonment emails with personalized coupons.

Thus, you can reach out to the customers who did not complete their transaction to know the cause of the problem and offer a special discount to them. Also, the platform helps you to optimize your furniture store for the search engine which is a good way to enhance your online visibility.

Enabling you to sell beyond your store

As you know, your online furniture business relies on traffic to make more sales. Hence you need to invest in ways that will drive traffic to your site. However, with the BigCommerce as your platform, you can sell beyond your store.   The platform makes it easier for you to sell through online marketplaces such as Facebook, Pinterest, and eBay. Hence, you can earn extra coins with zero efforts on your site traffic.